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How to Design Custom Cases for Different Forms of Transport

How to Design Custom Cases for Different Forms of Transport

The right custom cases can protect your cargo from whatever hazards they might encounter.

Whenever you need to prepare your cargo for a particular destination, you always have to keep in mind how it’s going to get there. The right custom cases can protect your cargo from whatever hazards they might encounter. These risks include challenges posed by the weather, water damage from moisture, impacts from vibration and shocks, and less than gentle handling once it is unloaded. Let’s take a closer look at using custom cases for transport by sea, by air, and by land.

By Sea

Whether it’s robotics, medical devices, or electronics, shipping your products by sea can be risky. That’s why you need to best waterproof and shockproof custom casing. The more fragile your equipment is, the more in danger it is of being damaged or destroyed while in transit. Cargo being transported by sea needs to be protected against salt water infiltration and salt water vapors, as both of these can cause rusting. Rusting, also known as corrosion, is particularly risky for metal or delicate electronics. Moisture and vapor barriers can be engineered into your custom cases to increase how water and airtight they are.

By Air

When transporting your products by air, you want to be sure the right aircraft tool kits are being used to service the cargo planes.There are also numerous possible risks you will want to account for, such as:

  • Air turbulence: Turbulence can rattle the freight, shifting it around. Rapid pressure changes from intense to nearly weightless can also occur.
  • Temperature levels
  • Cargo space
  • Security concerns
  • Presence of rails and ramps: Rails and ramps make unloading the cargo easier.

By Land

No matter how your custom cases reach your customers and clients, the cases will probably travel most of the way by land. Commercial truck fleets can move your packages to and from the airport or the seaport. Sometimes, if your destination is close by, a truck will be enough to successfully and safely transport your cases. What are some dangers your custom cases might encounter while on the road?

  • Stacking
  • Crushing
  • Incidental pressure from other cargo
  • Mistakes during handling
  • Poor road conditions: Consider the local weather and other environmental factors.

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