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What’s the Difference Between Rotational Molding and Injection Molding?

What’s the Difference Between Rotational Molding and Injection Molding?

Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding, has many benefits, but you should consider the merits of injection molding when you order your next batch of custom cases as well.

How is your latest custom case looking? When you were presented with the initial design documents, were you given a choice between rotational molding and injection molding? Rotational molding, also known as rotomolding, has many benefits, but you should consider the merits of injection molding when you order your next batch of custom cases as well. Here are the notable differences between rotational molding and injection molding.

The Different Options

When you choose injection molding, you’ll get an endless array of options for materials. You can also select unusual shapes for your custom cases – dependent on the contents, and what your new custom case will look like once it has been manufactured. Try using plastic as one of your injection molded custom cases, among others. Because injection molded cases are also versatile, this method will allow you to design some exotic and unique custom cases that are distinctly yours. Make them a point of pride at your next industry showcase – you won’t be bragging!

That said, don’t think you’ll have fewer choices when you decide to go with rotomolded custom cases. You still have several materials to choose from, regardless. And even though rotomolded cases are less elaborate, they do provide other perks. For instance you’ll have design choices such as double-walling and reinforced custom foam inserts to increase their protective potential.

Production Time

Did you know that both rotomolded and injection molded custom cases can be created at top speeds with the most cutting-edge automated technology? Indeed they can! Do keep in mind, however, that the process for rotomolding will take longer. Each part of the rotational molding process is more complicated, meaning each piece will need more time spent on it before it can be considered complete.

Test both methods by seeing how many parts they can turn out inside an hour. You might find that injection molding will win that contest, as it can produce more finished pieces than a rotational molding machine could.

Overall Costs

If you’re still deciding which method you should use, then you should consider the total costs involved. Injection molding is less expensive, since it can produce the parts and completed cases so much more quickly. Rotomolding is more expensive than injection molding mainly because it requires costlier base materials to use.

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