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Custom Medical Equipment and Custom Medical Equipment Cases

Moving custom medical equipment can be tricky. Custom medical equipment cases also provide another challenge when it comes to building the cases, packaging the equipment, and then shipping the custom medical equipment in their new cases. In this installment of the blog, we’ll focus on ways to overcome these complex challenges.

custom medical equipment cases

Custom medical equipment cases also provide another challenge when it comes to building the cases, packaging the equipment, and then shipping the custom medical equipment in their new cases.

Understand Protocols for Custom Medical Equipment Cases

  • Protocols for Delivery: One of the first steps in building the best custom medical equipment cases is understanding the protocols surrounding them once they arrive at their final destination. Before the cargo is delivered, where it will be unloaded must be known ahead of time. The protocols that are in place are often arranged to meet the needs of the local environment.
  • Keep Handling and Safety in Mind: Cases that are easier to handle are safer to carry. Consider how best to balance these two factors as different types of cases and containers will offer differing levels of protection for their contents.

Make Them Easier to Unload Upon Arrival

  • Easy to Unload: It is important to ensure that once the cargo arrives at its intended destination, it is easier to unload. Once it has been unloaded, it should also be easier to open. Medical equipment is often most needed in time-critical situations, and time spent trying to open a poorly-designed can make a lot of difference.
  • Convenience is Key: Staff at hospitals or clinics won’t necessarily know how to open a complex case, so any measures to ensure ease of access is beneficial. Consider using custom foam inserts that will indicate if a component is missing once the case has been opened, or once it enters regular service if a component is missing when the case is returned to storage.
  • Awareness: Awareness of the entry points for the cargo is also important. If custom medical equipment cases are heavy, ensure ramps will be available upon delivery, and most importantly, ensure heavier shipping loads have the correct caster wheels and wheels to support that weight. Not all cases for sensitive equipment will have wheels, but larger pieces, such as portable X-Ray scanners, often will. After all, portable X-Ray scanners are often rented out between smaller locations and laboratories who may not have access to these devices otherwise.

Advanced Packaging, Inc. for Your Custom Medical Case Needs

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