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Military Industry Solutions

Beige Military Solutions CaseStacked Military Equipment CasesAPI’s cases and containers are the strongest, most reliable transport cases available. Whether you are shipping electronic instruments, weapons, or workstations, our line of over 350 standard rugged cases will handle the job above and beyond your expectations. Our military cases and accompanying cushioning systems comply with MILSTD requirements and are available in over 10,000 original engineered designs to meet any need. These airtight, lightweight containers are shockproof and waterproof- built to withstand harsh combat conditions. Whether you need single lid transit cases or double entry rack mount cases trust API’s 50 years of experience as worlds most trusted MIL- STD case manufacturer.

Proven Selection

Custom Military Equipment CaseAPI offers the largest selection of field proven military weapon cases available from any authorized dealer, bar none. In addition API can quickly customize interior foam inserts of existing cases for easy, mission specific solutions. API is the total solution for all your weapons transport and storage needs.

Custom Case for Military EquipmentIf Custom is what you need, trust API’s certified packaging engineers to design and manufacture precision foam inserts guaranteed to securely hold and protect your sensitive equipment along with designing and manufacturing a case specific to the required size.

API understands the importance of user friendly custom instructional labeling and placards. Our professionals will work with you during the design and engineering process to determine the best method to use.

Experience matters, talk to an API sales technician today and put our 50 years of case and container design and manufacturing to work for you.


Customer Testimonial

Good afternoon Ken,


This e-mail is long overdue and all I have as to why are excuses so I will spare you those. I needed to do this a month ago but better late than never. I want to send you a thank you and also express how grateful I am at the job that Moose and the rest of your crew did in May when they came down to install the missing handles on the laptop cases. Your guys did an excellent job, they worked hard to get the job finished in a timely manner and were very professional about it. It certainly showed me the reason why I am doing business with API on my contract. Your guys deserve a very hearty “Job Well Done!” and I hope that you do that on our behalf. Again my apologies for not getting to this sooner. Thank you for your support of my program.



Sean Dr. Sean Kenney, CISSP

Program Manager – COC


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Custom case solutions for military, government, medical, security, commercial, & industrial equipment Introduction Advanced Packaging, Inc. specializes in providing quality stock and custom container solutions for military, government, medical, security, and commercial/industrial equipment manufacturers. For over 40 years, our in-house engineering and production staff has tailored shipping containers to meet clients' specific requirements quickly and efficiently. From "first article" to major programs to our custom-engineered case interiors, API has the experience to provide exceptional service and superior quality for all your packaging solution requirements. Pelican-Hardigg Cases: Single-Lid, Rack Mount, Injection Molded, Inter-Stacking Pattern (ISP) Pelican Storm Cases: Carrying, Military, Shipping, Injection Molded SKB Cases: Rack Mount, Military Applications, Carrying, Shipping, Waterproof, MIL-STD Cases & Racks At API, quality is our business. We are committed and focused on world-class quality and warranty performance in all aspects of our operations, from engineering to manufacturing. Request a Quote from API today!
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